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Hey there!


My name is Cameron Lee Gauthier. I'm a New England based Pop Artist, & Skateboard Designer. 

I started "BearlyBothered Boards" in 2016


But my art career kicked off in small ways way before then. 


I was raised on the Northern Shores of Massachusetts between the spooky town of Salem and the fishing island of Gloucester.

      I've been drawing and creating art for as long as I can remember. But it was more of a hobby at first than a career. I paid my bills as a carpenter. 

Coming from a construction background I was able to bring my woodworking skills into my growing art career.


The past handful of years as an artist has been me finding a comfortability with a paintbrush.

Coming from illustrations and drawings on a small scale. To present-day painting much larger pieces. This has been a beautiful learning and growing experience for me.

     I used paint markers to draw on all my boards and grip tape as a kid. I'd go to the skate park and other skaters who had seen this and would offer me $20 to do something small on their decks from time to time.

Word started to spread and I used it as a way to individualize my board.

     It was not until high school that I completely painted a full deck... Sadly I snapped that deck in a matter of days.

Its been a long time and many skateboards since then. I have seen my improvements and the strides I've taken as an artist.


I'm proud to share this ride called life with you. So thank you for reading. Stay tuned still have a few new "tricks" up my sleeve.

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